car wash club

The Emerald Wash Club offers you a car wash “as often as you like, at your convenience” for one vehicle or a family of vehicles for a low monthly rate.

car wash pricingSimply drive in and your license plate on your vehicle will be recognized by our license plate reader as an Emerald Wash Club member. The gate will open and you drive right through – no hassles, no stopping, quick and easy! You also receive the Diamond Wash every time.

If your vehicle does not have a license plate, then a tiny barcode-type sticker can be placed on your vehicle’s windshield.  Your RFID sticker will be recognized by our RFID reader allowing you entrance.  The RFID sticker must be completely on your windshield.

Payment to be a member of the Emerald Wash Club is easy too! We simply charge the credit card or debit card you provide on the same date each month that you joined the Club. You can cancel membership any time via the CarWash808 Express APP, which can be downloaded on our website or the APP store.

To join the Emerald Wash Club, click the link below or just ask one of our team members at your next visit and let us know which type of membership you would like – whether single vehicle or family of vehicles. Then, we will confirm your vehicle in the system with your license plate #, and you’ll be all set to wash as often as you like, at your convenience!

If you have any questions about the Emerald Wash Club, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Welcome to CarWash808 Express and the monthly Emerald Wash Club (EWC) that allows you to “Wash as Often as You Like at Your Convenience.”  The EWC can be purchased on our CarWash808 APP by logging into the APP, select “Sign up a new vehicle”, add your vehicles information, select Emerald Diamond Club, and Save.  The EWC is a subscription service for your selected vehicle that automatically renews each month using the credit card used to establish the service or that has been changed or updated by you via the CarWash808 App. The monthly charge is $49.00 plus Hawaii G.E.T for total of $51.31.  The membership is for one vehicle and will be identified by the License Plate number or a Radio Frequency Identification Decal (RFID) placed on the interior of the front windshield.  Family memberships are available for 3 or more vehicles starting at $139.00 per month plus Hawaii G.E.T for total of $145.55.  Your credit card will be charged every month on the anniversary of the enrollment date. Members enrolling on 29th to 31st of the month will be charged on the 28th of subsequent months. If for any reason the on-file credit card is declined i.e. expired, at renewal the membership will be placed on hold until the credit card is updated, or a new card is used.  The credit card can be updated or replaced using the CarWash808 App.  If help is needed, please visit either one of our Carwash808 Express locations where a concierge will assist you.  THE CARWASH808 APP CAN BE DOWNLOAD VIA OUR WEBSITE or the APP STORE.  If you wish to cancel your membership you will need to download and/or visit the CarWash808 APP.  On the APP you must log in/sign up, then select “Manage Vehicle”, then “Edit Vehicle” then “Delete Vehicle.”  You must cancel each vehicle individually if you have more than one (1) vehicle registered in the EWC program. For your protection cancellations cannot be made by phone as you would have no record of the cancellation transaction. Once cancelled your membership will remain active until the next renewal date.  By continuing the purchase of the EWC membership you agree to these term and conditions.

We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us to learn more about CarWash808 Express.