Why Automatic Washing is Better for Your Car

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Washing your car in the driveway used to be the typical weekend activity and many people may think it’s actually gentler on your car than an automatic wash, but research has shown that hand washing your car may do more harm than good.

Studies done by the Technical University of Munich, Germany in association with Mercedes-Benz showed that automatic washing is far superior to hand washing—and these findings were confirmed in a study done by the University of Texas at Arlington a decade later.

The Downside of Hand Washing

There are three big problems when it comes to hand washing:

  1. Poor Finish: Rags and sponges collect grime over uses and will re-distribute every time you wipe your car down. Apart from the sponges, your water hose is not likely not strong enough to get rid of the soap residue which can be problematic if left too long.
  2. The “Sandpaper” Effect: Additionally nasty rags and sponges develop buildups of grime and hard patches that will leave your car covered in scratches.
  3. Excessive Water Usage: There’s no doubt that hand washing vs. an automatic wash uses way more water. Hand washing at home can also lead to water pollution as there are no standards or measures in place to prevent the runoff from spreading detergent and dirty water into nearby soil.

The Solution

With all of this information it’s clear that an automatic wash will not only save you time, but it will be better for your car in the long run. Professional equipment and service will extend the life of your car’s exterior and interior.

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